Miseko group s.r.o.

Orlická 245, Třebechovice pod Orebem, 503 45, e-mail: minar@contechin.eu

Miseko group s.r.o.

2018: MISEKO Group celebrates 20 years of existance, 20 years of prosperity!


MISEKO Group s.r.o. specializes in delivering of individual technologies or complete solutions, and its realization, for energy savings. We identify opportunities for energy savings at a particular location, create a feasibility study and based on the study preapre and implement particular measures or entire project. This applies to family houses, panel houses, production plants or state buildings such as schools, kindergartens, offices etc.



  • Contribute to saving energy and natural resources


  • To be a leading Czech supplier of complete solutions in the field of energy and cost savings.


  • Professionalism and solidity
  • Protection of nature and the enviroment
  • Respect for employees and customers

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